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  • Sterling Silver sold at Aladins Silver is nickel free and hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.
  • The absence of nickel in the silver stops the allergenic skin reaction.
  • The green staining effect on skin is due to tarnishing on the surface of lower purity silver items. The purer the silver the less tarnish there can be. Sterling 925 Silver does not produce this tarnish.
  • All silver sold is 925 Sterling Silver. That is 92.5% by weight of an item must be pure elemental silver. The remainder of the alloy can be copper, nickel etc. We don’t sell silver with nickel content.
  • Hallmarked Silver:- The purpose of hallmark application is manifold:
    • To indicate the purity of the silver alloy used in the manufacture or hand-crafting of the piece.
    • To identify the silversmith or company that made the piece.
    • To note the date and/or location of the manufacture
  • Hallmarking is not required on Silver jewellery items which weigh less than 7.78grams of silver excluding additional items, such as stones. (Hallmarking Guidance Notes (PDF))

  • A History of Pewter.

    Pewter was introduced into Britain around the 2nd century A.D. by the Romans. The 13th century saw significant production as pewter was being used for items such as chalices, pilgrim badges and other ecclesiastical items. The fourteenth century saw pewter manufacturing grow rapidly, almost every market town of any size would have a pewterer in its craft guild making items of pewter; plates, bowls, candlesticks, ornaments, decorative ware and buttons. In 1474 the London Pewterers 'purchased' from King Edward IV a royal charter for the legal control of pewter manufacture - the birth of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers, which is still going strong to this day.

    Early pewter contained lead which gave the metal the dark appearance associated with old pieces. Today's lead free pewter is capable of being brightly polished which gives it its long lasting appeal.

  • Swarovski Crystal Necklaces are one of the most recognized brands of crystal necklaces in the world today. Sold under the Swarovski luxury brand name, these crystals have been famous worldwide for their precision cuts, clarity, and sparkle. Swarovski crystals have made appearances in all pieces of jewellery imaginable, including Swarovski Crystal necklaces and pendants.
  • Chains are made from 925 Sterling Silver
  • If a listing states pendant then they are supplied without a chain. A chain can be purchased separately but dispatched at the same please see our range of chains on our chains page.
  • Returns: Items can be returned with our money back guarantee. You need to contact us via or via the contact us page to inform us of a problem.
  • If you require more than one of an item i.e. for wedding gifts please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your request and send you a quote.
  • Payment can be made via Paypal (Credit and Debit cards accepted) or postal order. International payments must be made via Paypal due to currency exchange.
  • Ring Sizing over the internet can be problematic but on the Product Catalogue page we have listed a downloadable ring sizing method and ring size chart for UK and USA and European sizing standards.
  • Click on the Icon below to download your ring sizing method


Ring Sizing Guide

The Shefield Assays Office Website Link


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