Swarovski Crystal Jewellery & Gifts:- this range has just arrived and comprises of Swarovski Crystal necklaces, miniature lead crystal ornaments & figurines & key rings all made from fine 32% lead Crystal. Swarovski Crystal is very desirable & collectible, it is all handcrafted & therefore each piece is individual.

The range of Swarovski Crystal necklaces include Hearts, Stars, Crosses, Starfish, Moons, Sun, Leaves and Teardrop pendants on Sterling Silver 46cm (18") Chains.

The Swarovski Crystal pendants come in many vibrant colours including a rainbow effect Aurora Borealis coated crystal. This Swarovski Crystal pendant radiates the full colours found in a rainbow and is extremely popular.

Marcasite Jewellery:- Marcasite is a metallic pale yellow / brass colour mineral and is traditionally set in Sterling Silver creating beautiful, classic jewellery, and stunning value for money. Queen Victoria wore Marcasite rather than diamonds for over forty years.

Our Body Jewellery is made from nickel free 316L Surgical Steel or nickel free Sterling Silver see description for details.

Ring Sizing:- How to measure your finger in 4 easy steps. Click on the Icon to download a very simple and accurate method which works well for the UK, EU, USA & Japan standard ring sizing conventions.

Ring Sizing Guide