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The Aladins Silver -- Silver Necklaces and Silver Pendants collection presents more of our unique designs of Celtic Jewellery. Unusual examples of Celtic Pendant, and Celtic Necklace designs in Celtic Cross Pendant; Silver Celtic Cross, and Celtic Cross Necklace. The range will be extended in Celtic Necklaces and Celtic Pendants to include more of Celtic Knot Necklace, Celtic Knot Pendant, Triquetra Pendant and Triquetra Necklace designs.

These Celtic Pendants and Celtic Necklaces have in many cases matching earrings creating unusual presents. This also applies to the Owl Necklace and Owl Pendant. Unfortunately this does not apply to the Horse Pendant or the Horse Necklace yet.

Triquetra Pendant is a Celtic Pendant which has a three cornered design and has been used as Pagan and Christian religious symbol used on Silver Cross Pendant and Silver Celtic Cross. On Pagan Celtic Jewellery it represents the Land, Sea and Air; For Wiccans and some New Agers the symbol on their Silver Pendants represents the Mind, Body and Soul, and on Christian Silver Pendants stands for the Trinity. Celtic Knots are a group of knots and graphical representation of these knots used by the ancient Celts for decoration. These knots are best known for their adaptation in the decoration of Celtic Jewellery and of Christian Monuments and Manuscripts. Celtic Silver Cross Pendant, Celtic Pendant and Men’s Pendant are instantly recognised when adorned as Celtic Knot Pendant and Celtic Knot Necklace.

Silver Jewellery with an animal theme has been introduced with a Horse Necklace and Horse Pendant; Owl Necklace and Owl Pendant. No collection would be complete without Cat Jewelry in the form of a Cat Pendant and a Cat Necklace.

Sterling Silver sold at Aladins Silver is nickel free and hypo allergenic for those with sensitive skin. All silver sold is 925 Sterling Silver. That is 92.5% by weight of an item must be pure elemental silver.

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