Costume Jewellery

The Aladins Silver Costume Jewellery collection is the most popular category, listing initial pendants and initial necklaces that have been the most popular items of Initial Jewelry for several years. The Initial Pendants have been joined in this category by Initial Belly Jewellery and Initial Belly Piercing Jewellery which can also be found with similar items in the Body Jewellery Category.

The Initial Necklace joined in this category by the Initial Belly Jewellery and the Initial Belly Piercing Jewellery can be worn to compliment the other or to be worn on its own.

Costume Jewellery Necklaces with an Initial Pendant incorporated in the Initial Necklace have a certain appeal across all social groups. They fill the requirement for a serious gift, or just a gift to bring lots of fun.

Our customers return frequently for initial pendant gifts, particularly for family members and we feel that this item of Initial Jewelry can provide a ready made answer to finding a suitable present for every family member.

All items bought come to you individually wrapped and then again wrapped for protection while in transit. The items of Costume Jewellery, whether an Initial Pendant or an item of Initial Belly Jewellery, is despatched in a padded mailing envelope.

Our Body Piercing Jewellery is made from nickel free 316L Surgical Steel and is hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin All  silver sold is 925 Sterling Silver i.e  92.5% by weight of an item must be pure elemental silver.

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