Body Jewellery - Pierced Belly Bars

The Body Piercing Jewelery collection presents sumptuous designs incorporating Diamante and Semi-precious stones in a variety of styles, and designs for the frivolous fun loving wearer to those of a more discerning nature looking for a range of jewellery, of sheer elegance.

From ancient times virtually all Body Piercing Jewellery was of gold and silver in western Body Piercing jewellery. With the development of styles of Body Piercing Jewelery for Belly Piercing Jewellery and Navel Jewelery generally old and new materials were developed and introduced. The traditional gold and silver were expanded to include surgical steel; titanium; glass; and plastics. From the time of the ancients all naturally occurring products such as; wood; bone; horn; and minerals as amber stone and fossils have been incorporated in Body Jewellery.

The expanding Belly Jewelry ranges to satisfy the demand for Piercing Jewellery has resulted in an amazing catalogue of styles, and materials for the connoisseur in the Belly Jewellery, Belly Piercings and Belly Pierced fashion trend. Belly Bars; Body Bars; Dangle Belly Bars, and Belly Button Piercing adornments decorated with animals; fairies; abstract and individualised with Initials, but always to be fun.

Aladins Silver strives to maintain a range of Piercing Jewellery and Body Piercing Jewellery to present to our discerning customers a choice in Navel Jewellery.

Our Body Piercing Jewelery is made from nickel free 316L Surgical Steel and is hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin All  silver sold is 925 Sterling Silver i.e  92.5% by weight of an item must be pure elemental silver.

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